This week we invite you to join us in taking a stand against anti-LGBTQ theologies. Positions like those articulated in last year’s Nashville Statement from a group of conservative Christians are damaging not only to LGBTQ people and our families but to the larger work of faith in the world. The Nashville Statement lifts up and praises human-made limitations and appearances in place of the amazing sexual and gender diversity that God has created, making statements like “We deny that adopting a homosexual or transgender self-conception is consistent with God’s holy purposes in creation and redemption.” This kind of theology harms all people of faith by seeking to diminish our appreciation of the beauty of our God-given differences. And it alienates both LGBTQ people and those who care about us, making it seem as if inclusion and welcome are inconsistent with faith.

In a couple of weeks, CLGS will be in Nashville for our Souls A’ Fire conference, celebrating Black gay theology. We are using this occasion to issue a Nashville 2.0 Statement, an opportunity to affirm LGBTQ people in the very place where our existence and blessedness were denied. We hope you’ll join us in signing this important statement of affirmation. If you’d like to add your name, please email Rev. Dr. Roland Stringfellow, coordinator of CLGS’s African American Roundtable.