Melanie Goulish earned her MLS degree (with a specialization in Rare Books and Manuscripts) from Indiana University – Bloomington. She is interested in participatory and post-custodial archives, theological librarianship, and digital humanities projects. Most recently, she created an online exhibition for The Marriage Equality Project at the Kinsey Institute, and she is currently processing a number of the Institute’s audiovisual collections for Indiana University’s Moving Image Archive, where she works as an assistant. This summer she is working with LGBTQ-RAN to create a more permanent display of items from our ~2017 Rolling the Stone Away Conference.

Sam Strain recently earned a Master’s Degree in Library & Information Science from Simmons University, where she served as Dean’s Fellow for Digital Media Outreach. She has also volunteered with the History Project of Boston’s LGBTQ Community Archive, where she served on the Events & Outreach Committee, established the organization’s Instagram presence, and curated historical LGBTQ+ content for social media. She is thrilled to join the LGBTQ-RAN team as a summer intern, focusing on creating a sustainable social media strategy and workflow for sharing LGBTQ-RAN content with the public.

Sincere Thanks to the Five Donors who have underwritten the cost of our Summer Intern Program!