In 2018, we will be focusing on ideas for how communities of faith can increase their welcome to LGBTQ+ people, our families, friends and allies. Check back each week for new ideas. Let us know what has worked in your community so we can share those ideas as well. Together, we’ll build a world of welcoming and inclusive spiritual spaces!

52 Ways to Increase Your Welcome to LGBTQ+ People and Our Families


Be Visible! 52 ways to increase your welcome #2

52 Ways #3: Learn more about LGBTQ people in your area

52 Ways #4: Fully incorporate LGBTQ people in preaching and teaching

52 Ways #5: Building Coalitions

52 Ways #6: Honor the Contributions of LGBTQ African-Americans

52 Ways #7: Use your space

52 Ways #8: Include children with LGBTQ Parents


52 Ways #9: Marriages that Include All

52 Ways #10 Include transgender people

52 Ways #11: Stand up to anti-LGBTQ theology

52 Ways #12 Join your denominational LGBTQ affirming ministries or start one!

52 Ways #13 Add LGBT books to your book discussion groups

52 Ways #14: Be visible at Pride

52 Ways #15: Offer a Genuine Welcome at the Door

52 Ways #16: Feed hungry (LGBTQ) people

52 Ways #17: Restrooms available for all!

52 Ways #18 Expand pronoun options

52 Ways #19: Encourage HIV Testing


52 Things #20: Learn about Religious Liberty

52 Ways #21: Write an op-ed in your local paper

52 Ways #22: Support LGBTQ Refugees and Asylees