In 2018, we will be focusing on ideas for how communities of faith can increase their welcome to LGBTQ+ people, our families, friends and allies. Check back each week for new ideas. Let us know what has worked in your community so we can share those ideas as well. Together, we’ll build a world of welcoming and inclusive spiritual spaces!

#1 Are you ready? Begin by evaluating whether your community is ready to take its next steps. If not, we’ll talk about ways to get more information and use this year to explore this.

#2 Be visible! Let people know that your community is ready to welcome them!

#3 Learn more about LGBTQ people in your area so that you have a better idea of what it is like to LGBTQ where you live

#4 Fully incorporate LGBTQ people in your preaching and teaching because everyone needs to hear examples that are relevant to their lives and faith

#5 Build coalitions with other communities of faith and organizations working for LGBTQ equality and on other justice issues

#6 Honor the contributions of LGBTQ African-Americans during Black History Month and all year long

#7 Offer space to LGBTQ groups in your community, especially those from marginalized groups