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CLGS Seeking a Social Media Coordinator

by Bernard Schlager

The Center for LGBTQ and Gender Studies in Religion (CLGS) is seeking a Social Media Coordinator to plan, implement, and monitor the social media strategies for CLGS and its LGBTQ Religious Archives Network (LGBTQ-RAN) program. This is a part-time position (24 hours per month). CLGS Social Media Coordinator Job Posting

Queerness Loves Beyond Borders

by Bernard Schlager
fence at the US Mexico border

by Nichola Torbett Love knows no borders. That is what it means to be queer. It means we love outside the lines. We are dissidents for love. We love in spite of obstacles. Queer people have the potential to show forth in a particularly vivid way the God-given capacity to love in spite of obstacles—in spite […]

52 Ways #41: Create a calendar of LGBTQ events for next year

by Bernard Schlager

Get ready for next year by planning ahead to recognize important holidays and events in the LGBTQ communities. You can work with the leadership of your community of faith to incorporate these into worship, educational programs, outreach events and more. Select which holidays, events,and commemorations are most applicable to your situation and make plans accordingly. […]

Continuing the Work: African-American Roundtable and Religious Liberty

by Bernard Schlager

by Rev. Dr. Roland Stringfellow, Coordinator of the African-American Roundtable,  rstringfellow@clgs.org   In partnership with the Center for American Progress, the National LGBTQ Task Force, Freedom for All Americans, ACLU of Michigan, Equality Michigan and Inclusive Justice (Michigan’s progressive faith organizing council), I have continued my work with four African-American organizers who did outreach with several Black […]

Join a delegation to El Salvador–October 2018

by Bernard Schlager

In October 2018, the long-awaited canonization of Salvadoran Archbishop Oscar Romero will take place. One ceremony at the Vatican, in Rome, will be presided by the Pope. The other celebration takes place in San Salvador at the Fiesta del Pueblo. Salvadorans from all walks-of-life are gathering to commemorate and honor Archbishop Romero as the first […]

52 Ways #25: Celebrate Pride

by Bernard Schlager

Many of us have shown our inclusive faith by participating in Pride parades around the country. This is critical to counteract the ongoing fallacy that all, or even most, people of faith stand in opposition to LGBTQ rights. Religious groups who protest Pride celebrations alienate many of the attendees and can even re-awaken the pain […]

52 Ways #23: Recognize the discrimination that LGBTQ people face

by Bernard Schlager

Did you know that half of LGBTQ people in this country live in states where there are no protections against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity? Many people think such discrimination is already illegal, but only 21 states and the District of Columbia ban discrimination in employment and housing; one other state, Wisconsin, […]

CLGS is hiring a Major Gifts Officer

by CLGSAdminy1

CLGS is hiring a Major Gifts Officer. Download this information as a PDF. Job Summary The CLGS Major Gifts Officer (MGO) is responsible for the planning and implementation of the Center’s Endowment Campaign [80% of the position]; the MGO will also provide ancillary support for the CLGS Annual Fund [10%], and the CLGS Annual Spring […]