The Certificate of Sexuality and Religion (CSR) is an academic course of study offered by Pacific School of Religion. CLGS contributed to the design and development of this program and continues to work closely with PSR in recruiting faculty, shaping the curriculum, and advising students working toward the Certificate.

Today, more than ever, bold religious leadership is needed to meet the challenges around sexuality and gender in faith communities and civic society. CSR courses are designed to equip both lay and ordained religious leaders as well those in other professions to meet those challenges. Introductory “core” courses in the program address the history of sexuality in religious traditions, interpretation of sacred texts, theological and ethical approaches to sexuality and gender, and the latest research in human sexuality. Elective courses provide students with an opportunity to enhance their skills and education in specialized areas of concern, whether in pastoral care, religious activism, or congregational leadership.

The CSR helps participants to:

  • Think theologically about contemporary sexual practices and identities.
  • Understand the history of faith traditions concerning sexuality and gender identity.
  • Speak knowledgeably about contemporary sexual practices and the scientific and psychological information relevant to them.
  • Consider the historical and theological development of ethical systems used to evaluate and regulate moral judgments concerning various sexual practices and identities within faith traditions.
  • Gain authority and expertise in leading discussions on issues of religion and sexuality both within faith traditions and within society more broadly.

The CSR may be taken on its own or in combination with other academic programs at PSR. CSR courses may also be taken on a course-by-course basis. More information on the CSR and how to apply can be found on the PSR website at: 

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