LGBT Religious Archives Network: LGBT-RAN coordinates and supports the identification, collection and preservation of personal papers and organizational records from lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender religious movements. To encourage scholarly research and historical study of these important movements for social change, LGBT-RAN disseminates information about these records and provides and facilitates access to them through various online platforms.

The CLGS Archives Project: The CLGS Archives Project seeks to obtain, preserve, and make available the papers of significant individuals and organizations in the history of religion and LGBT issues in American society.-Together with the LGBT Religious Archives Network, the CLGS Archive Project is the leading online resource for materials on LGBT religious movements and figures.

The CLGS Book Series: In partnership with Pilgrim Press, CLGS has developed publications addressing areas of concern to LGBTQ people of faith, especially in Christian congregational ministry. Publications Include: Trans-Gendered: Theology, Ministry, and Communities of Faith and Ministry Among God’s Queer Folk.